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American Used Cars On Demand

Mike checking Dodge Ram To be able to deliver top-quality new and used cars, replacement parts and accessories all the time, it is important to have the right contacts onsite in the US.

Since using different brokers all the time doesn’t lead to the expected results in the long run, we have decided to open our own office in the Northeastern USA.
This area is the ideal location for purchasing cars, due to the proximity to the largest ports of shipment and because a large number of cars is available on the market as a result of the high population density.
Another advantage is the high availability of popular 4x4 vehicles, which usually only come as 4x2s in states like Florida.

In charge of the office is Mike, an old friend and former supplier. He has been entirely focused on our needs for around three years now, and is therefore able to ensure that the purchasing, inspection and shipping of our vehicles runs smoothly.
As a rule, neither car mechanics nor sales persons have completed a formal apprenticeship in the USA; therefore, their know-how in this business may be rather limited.

This is certainly not true for Mike. He is a car fanatic through and through. He started out dismantling cars on a scrap yard and went on to work as an automotive engineer at the Ford Motor Company / Navistar International. There he played a decisive role in the development of the Ford 7.3L Navistar Diesel Engine.
Mike checking Infiniti FX
Mike is the right man because the used car business requires a lot of sensitivity and a high level of expertise. Mike has both in good measure.
To give you an idea who may possibly be hunting down your next car, we have listed some of the milestones of his career:
  Associate Degree in Automotive and Internal Combustion Technology
  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  Certified Master Mechanic in seven areas of automotive and heavy duty truck service
  Pennsylvania State Inspection Mechanic
  Senior Engineer for Diesel Engine Design for Ford Motor Company
  Owner of a Used Car Dealership for 11 years
As you can see, you are in good hands on both sides of the Atlantic.
Heimann & Thiel GbR
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