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American Used Cars On Demand

Hummer H2
Dodge RAM
Ford Mustang
Infiniti FX35 + FX45
Dodge Charger
Ford Excursion
Cadillac Escalade
In addition to the used american cars, which we purchase continuously for our stock, we now offer you, in response to the great customer demand, the opportunity to specially import the dream car of your choice.

You specify the major features such as year of manufacture, color, equipment, engine size etc. in advance and we find and import the car in accordance with your specifications.

Like all other cars we offer, these vehicles are ready to be registered with german paperwork and all import taxes and dutys paid.

Our services are based on our well-known high quality standards and we guarantee you complete satisfaction with your new car. We will therefore for example run a complete used car check and place your vehicle in the lowest possible emissions category for Europe.

The used US car market is a difficult area when it comes to finding good quality at reasonable prices. Especially in times of favorable dollar exchange rates, more and more so-called US-Car dealers appear on the european market promising incredible bargains, but this alone is not enough.
Such endeavors are doomed to fail from the beginning due to a lack of experience and no customer references whatsoever. This could mean that the import of your dream car could well turn out to be a nightmare.

We are always working hard to find cars in good condition, but we would like to make one thing clear at this point.
We can also offer you very low-priced cars which, however, will then turn out to have a higher mileage or whose condition is far from perfect. We believe, that you deserve to be informed about these facts in advance, when others may not.

For more information on this topic, please refer to the section “Our Procedure”.

Since there are a lot of misunderstandings and many unclear points about the American used car market, on the following pages we would like to provide some answers to the most important questions.
You will also learn what our procedure is and why exactly we think we are the right partner for you to import the used car of your choice.



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